On an annual basis, FEDIAF has produced a highly regarded Facts & Figures document summarising European pet population and market data. This year, we have undertaken a comprehensive update, collaborating with an external data expert at Soulor Consulting to meticulously review both the pet population and market data. 

Our report (published in June 2024) confirms a healthy growth of pet ownership with 166 million European households (50%) owning one or more of Europe’s 352 million pets. Annual sales of pet food products now stands at 29.2 billion euros and the volume is around 9.9 million tonnes.

As per tradition, we have liaised with all 15 of our National Association members who have supplied us with their local population figures and market data – where available. Soulor Consulting has then undertaken a rigorous overview, aligning data and implementing additional layers of verification against previous records, inflation figures and other relevant metrics.

It’s important to note that we have revised the timeframe for data collection, now gathering information from two years prior to publication. Therefore, in 2024, we will be publishing 2022 data. Due to this shift and the methodology update, we advise against comparing year-on-year data. However, this adjustment ensures consistency moving forward, allowing for reliable comparisons in the future. You can read more detail about our methodology in this report.