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2012 version available for free download

In its responsible approach of providing nutritionally balanced and healthy products for cats and dogs, FEDIAF published its annually updated Nutritional Guidelines for Cats and Dogs.
Science is not static and new evidence with improved knowledge emerges regularly: Following a review of scientific literature and based on discussions with the established FEDIAF Scientific Advisory Board adaptations were made to nutrients such as vitamins, iodine, calcium or sodium.
Calcium and phosphorus are essential minerals for a healthy skeleton development and maintenance: FEDIAF newly defined their ratio according to latest scientific discussions.   
FEDIAF will continue its annual updates of the Guidelines and post these on its website for free download by pet food producers, universities, breeders, officials or any other person interested in cat and dog nutrition.
For access to “The Reference Document on Cat and Dog Nutrition” please click here
Contact: Thomas Meyer, FEDIAF Secretary General
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