Paws and Politics: FEDIAF EuropeanPetFood unveils Manifesto to Protect the Wellbeing of Europe's 340 million Pets

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Brussels, 2 April 2024: FEDIAF EuropeanPetFood, the voice of the pet food industry in Europe hosted a special gathering in Brussels to unveil its new Manifesto, outlining the Industry’s key priorities ahead of the European elections.

FEDIAF represents 18 countries in Europe and therefore accounts for around 95% of the pet food market, producing 10.5 million tonnes of pet food, which is valued at over €29 billion.  As a result, FEDIAF plays a crucial role in feeding Europe’s 340 million pets and is deeply committed to this responsibility.

Sonia Franck, FEDIAF’s Secretary General explains: “In light of the upcoming elections, we have produced a Manifesto detailing the needs of the Pet Food Industry, in order to cater for the 91 million European households that own a pet.  Our Manifesto rests on three pillars: to provide safe and nutritious pet food for pets, to highlight the important role of pets in society and to promote sustainability from farm to bowl. In order to protect our industry and our pets, we urge policymakers to consider these priorities.”

Highlights from the three key priority pillars outlined in the FEDIAF Manifesto include:

  1. We call on policy makers to provide a supportive regulatory framework for pet food and our Industry must be considered a priority sector at all times. It is key that we retain access to energy and key ingredients such as Category 3 animal fats & feed additives.
  2. We call on everyone, including policy makers, to recognise the benefits of pet interaction and promote responsible pet ownership. We also call for policy makers to understand the critical role that good nutrition has to play in pet welfare.
  3. We call on policy makers to recognise the value of the Pet Food industry in our contribution to a circular economy with the creation of a supportive regulatory environment. We also call for a harmonised approach to measuring ‘Product Environmental Footprint’ and support for our packaging and sustainability goals.

FEDIAF’s Secretary General, Sonia Franck, concludes: “I was delighted to see so many industry colleagues supporting the launch of our Manifesto. It is through collaborative effort that our voice is amplified and our demands are heard. We urge policymakers to support our industry.”


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Notes to Editors:

FEDIAF EuropeanPetFood represents the pet food industry in Europe. While we work sustainably every day to provide safe products that benefit pets, our work goes beyond pets, and goes beyond pet food. Our work is also about society. We believe that pets play an important role in society, providing companionship, protection and unique bonds with their owners.  Pet ownership has the potential to enhance the lives of all Europeans.