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Joining FEDIAF means joining a dynamic organisation at the forefront of the pet food industry in Europe. As the European Public Affairs and Communications Manager, you can influence policy decisions, drive impactful communications strategies, and contribute to advancing pet food production standards in Europe.


As part of your activity, you will have the opportunity to carry out the following tasks with a large degree of autonomy under the supervision of the General Secretary:

  1. Develop and Implement Public Affairs Strategies:
    – Create comprehensive public affairs strategies to promote FEDIAF’s policy priorities and positively influence key stakeholders, including European institutions, government agencies, industry associations, and advocacy groups.
    – Identify emerging policy issues and trends that could impact the pet food industry and conduct in-depth analysis to inform strategic decision-making. This section includes writing watch articles, conference attendance and report writing, writing notes for the secretariat and the members, analysis of stakeholder positions on current legislative initiatives and collaborating with internal teams to align public affairs strategies with organisational objectives and priorities.
  • Manage External and Internal Communications:

– Oversee all aspects of external communications, including media relations, press releases, social media management, and website content.
– Develop and maintain strong relationships with media contacts to proactively pitch stories, respond to inquiries, and secure positive coverage to enhance FEDIAF’s visibility and reputation.
– Ensure consistency and transparency by providing regular feedback and information to the Secretariat, members, and stakeholders during internal meetings, fostering clarity and open communication channels.

  • Monitor Legislative and Regulatory Developments:

– Monitor the latest legislative and regulatory developments at the European Union level that could impact the pet food industry.
– Analyze proposed legislation, directives, and regulatory changes to assess their potential impact on FEDIAF members and develop appropriate advocacy strategies with the support of the Secretary-General.
– Engage with policymakers, regulators, and stakeholders to advocate for industry-friendly policies and regulations.

  • Represent FEDIAF and Build Relationships:

– Cultivate relationships with key stakeholders, including EU officials, industry partners, consumer organisations, and other relevant entities.
– Act as a spokesperson for FEDIAF, delivering compelling presentations and messages to diverse audiences to advance the organisation’s goals.

  • Prepare Compelling Communications Materials:

– Develop engaging and informative communications materials, including speeches, presentations, policy briefs, fact sheets, and reports.
– Ensure that all communication materials are accurate, relevant, and tailored to the target audience for maximum impact.
– Collaborate with the team, incorporating experience in managing social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter) to enhance brand visibility, engage audiences, and effectively disseminate organizational updates.

Postgraduate training in European studies, political science, communications or law, emphasising communication techniques with the following desired skills

1. Public Affairs Expertise:

   – Strong understanding of EU public affairs and regulatory processes.

   – Proven track record in developing and implementing public affairs strategies.

  –  Good understanding of the EU political environment, stakeholders, and decision-making process.

2. Communication Skills:

   – Excellent written and verbal communication abilities. Equivalent to native English speaker

   – Skilled in presenting complex information clearly to diverse audiences.

   – Good knowledge of digital communication & tools (eg Canva) with ability to manage social media platforms

3. Strategic Thinking:

   – Ability to think strategically and develop innovative advocacy strategies.

   – Anticipate trends and challenges

4. Relationship Building:

   – Strong networking and relationship-building skills.

   – Experience in engaging with policymakers, industry stakeholders, and media.

5. Analytical Skills:

   – Proficient in policy analysis and monitoring legislative developments.

   – Strong data-driven decision-making abilities.

6. Teamwork and Collaboration:

   – Collaborative approach to working with diverse teams and external partners.

   – Leadership in coordinating communication efforts and stakeholder engagement.

7. Industry Knowledge desired skills:

   – Familiarity with pet food industry regulations and standards.

   – Passion for promoting responsible pet nutrition and welfare.

If you are a highly motivated individual with a passion for public affairs and communication and possess the necessary skills and qualifications, we invite you to submit your application. Please submit your resume along with a cover letter highlighting your relevant experience and explaining why you are interested in this position. Applications can be sent to recruitment@fediaf.org. Only applications received by email with a letter of application and CV will be considered. The application deadline is May 15th 2024. We appreciate all applications, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. See www.europeanpetfood.org for further information about the association